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This is a bit weird. After much fiddling I worked out how to get the photo out of Marcella’s locket. Naturally it contains a photo of her husband James Beatty which you can now see under “Image gallery– Beatty, James and family”. The tiny photo may have been taken the same day as our earliest photo of him (around 1873?) as he appears to be wearing the same suit. The locket itself is decorated with the intertwined letters AEI (Amity, Eternity and Infinity) in decorative red and white enamel, the enamel now much damaged. It has a case which was obviously made to fit it, which is labelled “Waterhouse & Compy, The Queen’s Jewellers, Dublin”. Presumably it came from Ireland with the family in 1878. I wonder if it was an engagement or wedding present from James to Marcella? The weird thing is this photo (here very much enlarged) of a very young man – a boy perhaps – which was hidden underneath James in the locket. Who the heck is this?Image

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I’m very proud to be related to this ever so elegant lady, but who is she? The photo is by “The Burlington Studios, 294 Bourke St., Melbourne”. They set up business in 1903, the hat is the 1905-6 fashion – I think. Mary Jane McLean would have been 58 by then, although they employed people to “touch up” photos. Maybe it’s Connie? I’ve put up every photo I have of both Mary Jane and Connie in the photo gallery so you can compare them. Is it someone else??

Update: OK, Thanks for comments. I think you’re right and it’s Connie. Further update Jan 2013: I now think this photo is about 1908, and am quite sure it must be Constance Forster.

Mary Jane? Connie? Someone else?

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What do you think of this? Bruce Forster has run an “ageing processor” over our mysterious portraits from the post before last. You need to ignore the hair though. I think it has to be them. Apologies for not having worked out how to organise images on the page yet.  I may have to study (shudder) HTML.

The real Luke Forster in old age

Possible portrait of Luke Forster after ageing processor

The real Anne Forster nee Blackett in old age

The real Luke and Anne Forster

Possible portrait of Anne Blackett after ageing processor

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