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I think I’ve worked out a way to get the images displaying better in the image gallery, so have added some more Forster photos and have added the next part of the story, “The Forsters of Rothbury“, which you should see on the side menu. It is all a permanent work in progress of course. Let me know if any of it is wrong.

I found this photo, which HAP, when asked, had described as “various Forster brothers and sisters”:

About 1902?

It’s definitely Harold second from the left, Connie in the middle, Hilda seated left, and I think it looks like Ruby seated right. Archie isn’t there, so could it be either Arthur or Willie with his arm around Connie?  I think it might be Annie on the far left too. It looks within a year or two of the wedding photo? Probably earlier as Harold is in this one. Any theories?

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What do you think of this? Bruce Forster has run an “ageing processor” over our mysterious portraits from the post before last. You need to ignore the hair though. I think it has to be them. Apologies for not having worked out how to organise images on the page yet.  I may have to study (shudder) HTML.

The real Luke Forster in old age

Possible portrait of Luke Forster after ageing processor

The real Anne Forster nee Blackett in old age

The real Luke and Anne Forster

Possible portrait of Anne Blackett after ageing processor

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The painting of the woman came with our Forster family photos and documents. I don’t think John “Jack” Forster can have seen it when he visited in the 1960s, or he would certainly have made the connection with this “painting of a man signed ‘J Wood 1846’ …believed to be a copy of a larger portrait of Luke Forster 1741-1806”  See Jack’s note below, written on the back of the photo.

Under the arm of the sofa in the portrait of the woman (written vertically)  is  “J Wood 1846”. She even appears to be sitting at the other end of the same sofa as the man, whose portrait appears to be a water colour sketch in exactly the same style. I assumed that they must be husband and wife, and that’s why I assumed she must be Mary Stokoe. She can’t be, because Mary Stokoe died in 1825 aged 82, and the (youngish) woman in the portrait is dressed in what would have been the height of fashion in – well, 1846.

Also I don’t think the man can be the Luke Forster who died in 1806 at 65. At age 30 in the 1770s wouldn’t he have been wearing a wig? I think Jack must have been misinformed by “Elizabeth Hampson of Mt. Morgan” (nee Gowdie) who would have been in her 80s when he spoke to her, and who at that time owned the original of the painting of the man. Both the man and the woman appear to be aged about in their 30s, as the younger Luke Forster and his wife Anne Blackett would have been in 1846, about 6 years before they left Northumberland for Australia. 

Can anyone help identify them? The only photos I have of Luke and Anne are in their old age.

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